Customer, you can’t do this here.

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i wud stare too if I were him. 


i wud stare too if I were him. 

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it’s okay, it’s literary practice


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Fated to Love You Korean

So I started Fated to Love You K version yesterday, and it’s perfect. I watched all 6 episodes on Viki yesterday because I couldn’t stop! It’s very similar to the Taiwanese version (basically the same so far), but that’s exactly what I wanted. Plus, Jang Na Ra is so devastatingly nice and pathetically selfless just like Joe Chen in the T version. I definitely recommend it.

It was only just a dream

It was only just a dream

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Key say ‘Happy birth day’

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When watching Hotel King it feels a little weird seeing Seulong like this

Cuz in my heart, I know it’s really this

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What are you doing? She said she doesn’t want to…

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The Three Musketeers‘ Lee Jin WookJung YonghwaYang Dong Geun & Jung Have In in Vogue Korea’s August ‘14 issue

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