• Guys! I started Sly and Single Again yesterday, and I'm so addicted. I am already on episode 7. I recommend it to those asking for current drama recs.

He wants you to laugh with him, TOP.

He wants you to laugh with him, TOP.

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SHINee Japan Arena Tour 2013 ~ Boys Meet U ~ | Kiss you |

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how anna kendrick tripped became part of f(x)

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Faces of Choi Siwon

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Anonymous asked: Can you please recommend me some good Dramas you've watched recently (or are watching)? I'd really appreciate it :)) I love your blog btw :))

Of course! Emergency Couple, In a Good Way (Taiwanese), We Got Married Global Edition 2 (not a drama but sooo adorable!), Bride of the Century, and Golden Rainbow.

I came back because you called me.

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happy birthday my dear sis[心]

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